Social Development and Research Foundation

Social Development and Research Foundation

सामाजिक विकास एवं अनुसंधान प्रतिष्ठान

The Social Development and Research Foundation (SDRF) is an autonomous and non-profit, non governmental organization (NGO). This organization has been established with a mission to create conducive environment and work pro-actively for education, relief to the poor and advancement of all kinds of charitable objectives of general public utility.


The SDRF (Social Development and Research Foundation) undertakes research studies, educational activities and all kinds of social and cultural activities which are relevant to the contemporary societal needs in order to strengthen the very social fabric of our nation. This Foundation vows to render assistance for any public charitable purpose and national cause, and to take up, initiate and assist social development activities or welfare programmes of all possible kinds and in all possible areas for bringing positive change in the lives of the common people.


Year of Establishment: 2011

Registration No.: 1516 / 2011

Registered Office: Greater Noida, (NCR), India


The objectives for which the the SDRF has been established are education, relief to the poor and advancement of any other charitable objects of general public utility not involving any activity directly or indirectly for profit. The primary purpose of the SDRF is to undertake and conduct research in the areas of Social Sciences, Pure and Applied Sciences, and Development Studies including Educational studies, Economic Studies and in all such areas as may be for the benefit and use of public and society in general. Besides research studies, the objectives of SDRF include all those social, cultural, and educational activities that are for the betterment of the people and advancement of the society and humanity in general. 


Key Activity Areas

The major activities of the SDRF are in the areas of literacy and education, ICT education and training, intervention in mainstream school education system, teacher training, innovative methods of teaching, Right to education, curriculum and study material development, sports promotion, agricultural extensions and innovations, environment & forests, drinking water, renewable sources of energy, poverty alleviation by making people vocationally skilled and developing self support system, women empowerment, health awareness & family welfare, social medicine & interventions for HIV/AIDS affected people, aged / elderly care, child right issues, civic issues, welfare for the disabled, disaster management, housing, human rights, legal awareness & aid, minority issues, Panchayati Raj, Right to Information & advocacy, rural development & poverty alleviation, scientific & industrial research, science & technology, tribal affairs, urban development, promotion of art & culture, intervention to bring out positive change in the lives of marginalized and less fortunate section of society, etc.